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WR430 Waveguide Switch 1.72 ~ 2.61GHz

Short Description:

Waveguide switch is a common components in microwave electronic equipment. Its function is to select microwave channel on demand and realize high-quality signal transmission. Compared with other microwave switches, electromechanical microwave waveguide switches have the characteristics of low VSWR, low insertion loss and large power capacity. They have been widely used in radar, electronic countermeasure and other systems. It can be be manufactured per customer request.

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Frequency Range 1.72~2.61GHz
VSWR ≤1.1
Insertion Loss ≤0.1dB
Isolation ≥80dB
Port Switching Type DPDT
Switching Speed ≤500mS(Design guarantee)
Power Supply (V/A) 27V±10%
Electric Current ≤3A
Flange Type FDM22
Control Interface MS3102E14-6P
Operation Temperature -40~+85℃
Storage Temperature


Product Description

The commonly used electric microwave switch has two forms: coaxial and waveguide. Although coaxial switch has the advantages of small volume, compared with waveguide switch, it has large loss, small bearing power and low isolation (≤ 60dB), so it is often unable to be applied in high-power communication equipment. Electric coaxial switch is mainly used in low power and low frequency band. Electric waveguide switch is mainly used in high power and high frequency band.

Waveguide switches are mainly used in communication satellites. At the same time, they are also widely used in other satellites. In addition, they are also widely used in complex ground communication systems. The smaller the volume and lighter the weight of the satellite payload, the easier it is to save the launch cost. Therefore, waveguide switches with high reliability, small volume and light weight are very necessary.

XEXA Tech has been committed to providing a complete range of electromechanical waveguide and coaxial switches for communication, military and satellite applications, including SPDT, DPDT, transmission configuration and relay switches, dual waveguide and coaxial switches, as well as switching components for satellite, military and commercial ground station applications.

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