Conical Horn Antenna

Conical Horn Antenna

Transition waveguides are mainly used for transition or conversion between different waveguide diameters, and for measurement, testing, transition, mode conversion, signal transmission and other occasions.

The operating frequency is generally the overlapping frequency region of adjacent waveguides, or determined according to the frequency range of high-frequency waveguides. For signals, small aperture waveguide ports input, output from the large aperture waveguide port, and there is the possibility of high-order modes near the large waveguide, so the connection of the waveguide and the performance of the post connected elements.

Request customization. Our company provides a series of transition waveguide products, including transition types such as rectangle ←→ rectangle, rectangle ←→ square, circle ←→ rectangle, ellipse ←→ rectangle. Other types of transition waveguides can be customized according to the specific needs of users. The transition waveguide frequency provided by XEXA TECH covers 400GHz. The transition waveguide with special frequency, material, length and surface treatment can be manufactured per customer request.

WR08 Conical Horn Antenna 90-140GHz 25dB

WR10 Conical Horn Antenna 75-110GHz 20 dB